[Manna - February 5]
This is the will of God [concerning you], even your sanctification. 1 Thessalonians 4:3
COMING to the Scriptures to ascertain God's will, we find that the great work which God asks of us is not work for others, but work in ourselves, subduing, conquering, ruling self. Everything else, therefore-- our service for the household of faith, and our doing good unto all men, by home and foreign missions, etc. --is subservient to this most important work within. For, as the apostle by inspiration declares, though we should preach the gospel eloquently to others, and though we should give all our goods to feed the poor, or become martyrs for a good cause, without love, the Spirit of Christ and the Father, developed in us as the ruling principle of life, we would be nothing, from the divine standpoint. Z.'99-4 R2412:1