UPDATES and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

It is no longer necessary to register or to login.

01-Nov-2010 The number of results returned has been added to the display.
The maximum number of results on any search is now set to 500.

29-Oct-2010 All missing Tower Articles from the "catch-all" files have now been added.

The database now contains:
      Six Volumes and Tabernacle Shadows
      Daily Heavenly Manna
      Original Towers from 1879-1916 (ALL)
      Question Book
      Expanded Biblical Comments

It is possible to combine an exact search with one or more additional search terms. Here are some examples:
      "day of Jehovah" reign
      "day of judgment" year*
Try these with and without quotes to see the difference. Only one phrase may be included in quotes.

Typing in most references will return a direct link
      i.e. A192; Tii; R5950; etc.

What is the symbol "[P]" to the left of each link on search results?
      Choosing this link will open up the article without highlighting.
      The main link will open up the article with highlighting.
      This was added to allow copy and paste into a document without highlighting.

Enclosing a phrase in quotes will return exact results only.

Using the * character anywhere in a search query will perform as a wildcard.
      burn* tare*
Though useful, this option is slower than searches without wildcards.

Combining quotes with wildcard characters is not permitted.

Punctuation and capitalization have no impact on search results.